Updated Your Site Structure? Don’t forget your PPC campaigns!

Update or redirect the links. Do it now.

OK…so maybe I should expand on that! A common error when managing your own Google Adwords campaign (or any other pay per click campaign) is to set it up and then forget about it. So when you get round to updating your website, you completely forget to check whether or not you are killing off any links attached to active campaigns.

What does this mean in real terms? Well, potential clients are searching for your chosen key terms, they see your PPC ad and click on it…but they get taken to a blank page (a 404 error page to be precise). However, you have still paid for that click. And when this happens, your potential customer doesn’t then find your home page and look for the information they wanted…they click back to the rankings page and click on someone else’s link. Essentially, you end up paying for the privilege of losing a customer!

It is easy to avoid this unnecessary cost and missed sale – your web designer just needs to put a 301 redirect in place whenever they change the address of a page. This means that although the PPC ad link still goes to the original address, the potential customer is then automatically sent to the new address. If your web designer neglects to do this and you’re not sure which pages have had their addresses changed, you’re in for the long haul! You need to go through each pay per click advert in Google Adwords Manager and click on the link to check it’s still active. This may take a while, but it’s better than paying for clicks that don’t earn you anything.

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Does it matter where the SEO company you choose is based?

You’re a business based in the UK, targeting customers based in the UK, so why would you consider using an SEO company from any other country? You might argue that the internet is a global phenomenon and while this is true, you should still choose a UK based SEO company for your web marketing campaigns.

A UK SEO company will still help take your brand global while also offering a multitude of benefits that only come from being based in the same market as you. By having a better understanding of the market you are working in a UK based company will be able to understand your needs better and tailor your web marketing strategy to suit you. And if that means optimising your site, and running PPC campaigns for foreign markets also, then that’s fine…but a UK based company will appreciate that you are coming at it from a UK perspective.

Not all UK SEO companies are equal

So you’ve decided to go ahead and choose a UK based SEO company…there’s lots of them, so it should be simple, right?…wrong! Actually a surprising number of UK based companies outsource a proportion of their SEO work to other countries, so you may still find that the people working on your site lack a detailed knowledge of the UK market. Be sure to check with the company you choose whether or not they outsource.

SEO Copywriting – not the place for cutting corners

While it can be argued that for certain aspects of SEO it doesn’t matter too much if they are outsourced to another country, copywriting is not one of them. SEO copywriting needs to be carefully thought out, and the last thing you want is your company image tarnished by poor copy on your website. Obviously you shouldn’t automatically assume that the copy won’t be as good just because a company outsources their SEO copywriting. However it is very difficult to write without to a certain extent drawing on your cultural experiences, and if you are drawing on similar experiences to the majority of your readers (or visitors), then this will resonate with them and helps them begin to relate to your company.

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