Significant Return on SEO Investment

SEO Delivers Substantial Return on Investment

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

ROI is discussed a lot in business, especially when it comes to marketing your services or products as everyone wants to spend their money wisely to achieve a high Return On Investment. This is where Pay Per Click and SEO solutions come in to their own by driving more traffic to your website, which in turn converts to a sale, enquiry or telephone call. As a business owner if you haven’t looked at either of these options you are missing a trick…and it’s highly probable that your competitors are making the most of your absence. Taking advantage of Pay Per Click and SEO solutions to maximise your business potential is a shrewd investment of your marketing budget, particularly nowadays when everyone is researching every purchase more thoroughly, often using the internet.

Only A Small Portion of Your Profits – a Breakdown of the Real Costs

Many people worry about spending money on SEO as it doesn’t give an instant ROI in the same way that offline marketing is thought to, and can seem expensive to begin with. But is it really expensive? No! Let’s imagine your site gets 100 visitors a day, 20% of whom convert and spend an average of £20 each, then you’re making £400 a day, or £12000 a month. If you’re spending £500 a month on SEO then that’s only about 4% of your profits. And that’s just as things stand now…the whole point of SEO is to increase the number of visitors to your site AND the number of conversions, and this increase should continue to grow on a monthly basis. Yes it does take a little while for all the changes to take effect, but once they do , the number of conversions you get per month should continually increase…but the cost of the SEO stays the same, so as the months go on you are spending less of your profits. The eventual Return On Investment renders the initial & ongoing costs of SEO insignificant.

SEO – Marketing For The Modern Businessman

I think it’s safe to say that most businessmen will have heard the old adage that you have to spend money to make money. The internet is a case in point, and no doubt you’ve already spent money having your website designed for you. If you don’t also spend money to ensure your site is optimised, it’s a bit like opening a shop on a little back street no one walks down, and not telling anyone it’s there! Once you starting telling the world (or the search engines) about your website, your visitor’s increase in number and become customers, SEO proves it is worth the investment. As long as you can honestly say that people would choose to buy from you if only they knew about your company and your products or services, then it is worth allocating part of your marketing budget to SEO. Search Engine Optimisation may seem new and scary, but in fact it is simply a modern form of marketing for the internet age.

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Is Pay Per Click Right For You?

Find Out If Pay Per Click Is Right For You?

The ‘sponsored listings’ that appear at the top of the search engines are actually Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. They are basically a very targeted form of advertising as they are only seen by people actually searching for your products or services. These advertisements are a quick way to get your brand to the top of the search engines while you are waiting for your search engine marketing campaign to have an effect.

But perhaps you’ve survived for this long without significant search engine presence, so do you really need to set up a Pay Per Click campaign in the interim? Why can’t you just wait until the search engine optimisation of your website does its job?

Well, you can. Assuming everything else stays the same your business will just tread water until the SEO starts having an effect. Unfortunately things don’t stay the same in business, and in these days of economic slowdown you can guarantee all your competitors will be fighting for a share of your industry’s customers. It’s always worth checking where your main competitors are on Google, as well as yourself. If they appear before you, you’re already at a disadvantage; can you really afford to wait for the SEO to work? A Pay Per Click campaign can boost your visibility almost instantly, and with careful keyword selection and a well worded advert, you can ensure that a higher proportion of people clicking on your ad convert. With a high conversion rate, a Pay per Click campaign can pay for itself in no time!

What if you already appear high in the search engine rankings pages? Why would you need any PPC ads? Now we are firmly in the age of the internet, no doubt the first place you choose to tell your customers about any special offers is your website. But what about the millions of people who want to buy your product/service but don’t visit your site? How do you tell the world at large that you have a special deal on? With most limited time offers, there won’t be enough time for any SEO work to have a great deal of impact, but a Pay Per Click campaign can tell anyone who’s searching for your products that you are the company to buy from and the time to buy is now.

Whenever you need immediate visibility and instant results on Google, a Pay per Click campaign ticks all the right boxes. It’s quick to set up and it’s quick to deliver results.

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