Join the Spotify Revolution

Here at Ikroh, we’ve all gone a bit Spotifying mad! If you haven’t heard of it, be warned…it’s addictive! So what is Spotify? Essentially it’s a portal to a ‘world of music’. You can download it for free and then listen to as much music as you want. You don’t download the music but as you can access it as many times as you want to, why would you need to download it?! On the free version you do get adverts now and then, although if they bother you enough you can pay a monthly fee to get an ad-free Spotify.

So why is it so fantastic? Maybe I haven’t made it clear enough…any music you want, whenever you want it…FOR FREE! You can create your own playlists; search by artist, title, album, genre or year; and even share music with your friends. This is where it gets very addictive – almost everything in the Spotify browser window is drag-and-drop-able – you can drag tracks, albums, or even an artist’s entire repertoire into your playlists and (drumroll please) anywhere else you want to. You can drag and drop tracks, playlists, or whatever, into emails, facebook chats…even word documents:

If you can type there, chances are you can drop a Spotify track. We’ve been sending each other random tracks all week; we’ve spotified our friends in the middle of online chats (outside work hours!) and now we’re spotifying our blog!

Of course, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t work on my iphone! And it doesn’t have a complete library of all music tracks ever recorded…but it does open up a whole new world; a world where music is freely available to everyone. It will mean big changes for the music industry, but it’s hardly an unexpected change – it’s been coming ever since music first went digital. Come on – join the Spotify revolution!

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