SEO Copywriting – writing to encourage conversions

SEO Copywriting

Do you feel that your website isn’t achieving everything it should? Perhaps you’ve recently had it designed so you know it looks great and is easy to navigate. It may even be well ranked in the search engines, but you’re just not getting the increase in business that you expected. However, your content could be letting you down. The design of your website may attract your visitors’ interest, but it’s your content that needs to encourage them to convert. Search engine optimised copy is carefully crafted to balance the needs of the search engines, the visitors, and the business itself, and conversions are the goal.

You need to put the same thought into the text on each landing page of your website as you would into an advertising campaign. We all know an advert isn’t just about giving out information on your company…well neither is your website. To take your home page as an example, it needs to include three points:

  1. Tell your visitors how fabulous you are compared to the competition, and why.
    Every company ought to be aware of their unique selling points. It is vital that your visitors take these on board as quickly as possible. These tell your visitors the reasons they should choose you and not your competitors.
  2. Tell your visitors what services you offer.
    You will go into more detail about your services on their individual pages, but you should explain what the service is and what it achieves for your clients on your home page. This text needs to include your chosen keywords and phrases, as well as links taking the visitor deeper into your website.
  3. Tell your visitors what to do next.
    As with an advertisement, you need to tell the visitor what they should do next. This is called a ‘call to action’ and can be anything; call us; click here; email us; fill in this form. You need to explain what action they should take and what will happen. E.g. ‘call us to book an appointment’ is better than ‘call us for more information’ which, although it may be appropriate in some circumstances, is a bit vague.

If you look at every page on your site with this level of detail, always keeping in mind what you want the page to achieve for your company, you should be able to increase your conversion rate quickly.

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