Internet Cookies

If your website requires users to have cookies switched on to see content, firstly you will be losing visitors and secondly search engine spiders can’t see this content to index it!  So you will be losing the opportunity to reach a higher rank on your chosen keywords.  Search spiders are unable to read content that can only be seen by downloading a cookie to your PC.

For good SEO avoid cookies that block text.

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Database-driven websites

Those who are not operating a database-driven website today are not using the medium to its fullest capability, as this can save time and money with all data is stored on a central database. These systems are commonly known as CMS (Content Management Systems). Content is King and with these types of systems in place keeping your website up to date is a very clear cut process.

What does the future hold

Web3 what does the future hold? “Views on the next stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution vary greatly. Some believe that emerging technologies such as the Semantic Web will transform the way the Web is used, and lead to new possibilities in artificial intelligence. Other visionaries suggest that increases in Internet connection speeds, modular web applications, or advances in computer graphics will play the key role in the evolution of the World Wide Web.”…more on web3