Appropriate title length

Theoretically there is no limit to how long a title can be.  However both search engines and browsers truncate long titles to make their display consistent.  W3C state that the length of the title tag should, ideally, be 64 characters including spaces, or less.

  • Google truncates at 66 characters or the last complete full word.
  • Yahoo truncates at 129 characters.

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Should I have a .com or a domain

If I’m trying to target the UK market should I buy a or a .com domain?  The simple answer is that, all things being equal, it doesn’t really seem to matter, despite what you may hear or read!

A .com website that is correctly optimised will still achieve good listings in  If you have a and your site isn’t optimised at all, the chances are you won’t have any listings in

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Stop words

Avoid using stop words in your title.  Words such as a, an, and, but, I, in, it, of, on and the are commonly words that are ignored by most search engines.  Where possible include REAL words – by doing this you will fare better in searches.

Ikroh are an SEO & Internet Marketing company

6 Reasons why to have Google Analytics

If you don’t know where your visitors are coming from, how can you target them!

Google analytics is easy to implement and use for monitoring the visitor statistics.  Once you have signed up for a Google Analytics account, you need to place a small piece of tracking code on every page of your websites.  You will then be able to track visitors, easily retrieve that data and analyse the results.  When you are logged in to Analytics there is an easy to use interface which can be customized to your preferences.

Please see an example of our web stats below:

Ikroh stats

1. Scalable For Any Size

Google Analytics is operated with the same sophisticated infrastructure and technology that Google is based on.  So it is a robust system capable of handling business websites of any size.

2. Integrated With AdWords

Google analytics seamlessly integrates with Google AdWords, so if you are running a Google AdWords campaign, you can also access Google Analytics from the AdWords interface.  Moreover, Google Analytics gives you clear indications of Return Of Investment by using cost and keyword tracking data.

3. Comprehensive Visitor Statistics

Google Analytics is jammed full of visitor information including number of visits, bounce rate, page views, average time on site, new visits, country and region the visitor is from.  This thorough analysis of visitor information used correctly can help increase visitors and ultimately lead to more sales.  Contact us today to see how Ikroh can help increase your sales.

4. Traffic Source Information

A vital part of the Google analytics report is the ‘Traffic Source Information.’ With this report you can determine which is the major source of visitors to your site, whether it is search engines, referral sites or direct visitors.

5. Content Overviews

“Content Overviews” gives you a detailed idea of which pages are bringing the maximum traffic to your site.  With this information you can effectively plan the content of other pages and eventually improve the overall quality of content on your site to effectively increase traffic.

6. So you got this far…I bet you’d like to know the sixth reason?

We would be happy to email you the last reason, please click here to email us today.

Would you like help with implementing Google Analytics?

We would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements with no pushy sales pitch and no obligation to you.  See what other clients are saying about us by clicking here or call us on 01908 379 938.

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Frustrated when your website is not working as well as you had hoped

It’s frustrating when your website is not working as well as you’d hoped it would. You finally realise you need some help so you contact an SEO firm.

More than likely you start off by saying “So how much will it cost to get my site to the top?”

Although it might seem to make sense to ask for a fixed price for simply getting to the top of Google, I’d advise stopping for a moment and thinking about what you are asking.  All things being equal there are several basic boxes your site needs to tick to get to the top of Google for a specific keyword or phrase.  For the purpose of this exercise let’s agree the keyword is competitive, i.e. it’s a phrase lots of other sites want to rank for.

1. The content of the page you think should be number one should match the search criteria.  This means covering all the SEO basics.

2. The site should be an established and trusted presence.  If your site is new it’s not going to be number one for a competitive phrase. You have to be patient.

3. A linking strategy in place.

If all the above is in place and being constantly improved and developed you should be in the running. However, there’s one aspect of this whole conundrum which means your place at the top can’t be guaranteed.

The missing link that’s hard to figure out is knowing what your competition are doing.  If the phrase you are chasing is valuable then lots of other site owners will also be chasing it.  What if they are doing everything you are doing, and then some?  What if they are creating killer content that’s attracting quality links?  What if they are hiring 10 people to look for links for 8 hours a day?

All ethical SEO consultants are working hard to attract quality traffic for their clients but search engines are complex beasts.  So as you embark on your SEO odyssey make sure your SEO company are being straight with you.  If they are claiming a special relationship with Google that’s going to take your site to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages, ask them how they are solving the problems mentioned above.

Ikroh are an SEO & Internet Marketing company